Total wellness
Self-awareness • nutrition • fitness • stress-management

Health Police

Sometimes glancing into our daily lives can be frightening!

Let's start by asking some basic questions:

  • What is Balanced Life, and how can you get it?
  • How can you locate the the problem or epidemic? It's sometimes hard to find, but if you look closely, it's hard to miss!
  • How can you determine how far you are from a Balanced Life?
  • What causes unbalance in the first place? When you have stress, frustration or exhaustion, that is the body reminding you that it is out of balance. Listen to your body!
  • Is it personal stress or are we pitting ourselves against one another in competition or comparison.
  • Is the phenomenon of “Bigness” and materialism to blame? We are surrounded a constant bombardment of advertising aimed at tricking us to believe that there is a connection between materialism and happiness.


Nowadays, it seems everyone seems to need more and expects more from us than we can can give.

  • Is the problem over-ambition and “over-structured” lives?
  • We can only balance ourselves! Don’t blame your unbalance on others and don't feel responsible for anyone else's unbalance.
  • Review where you are before you look for a "way out".
  • The solution for three kinds of balance: Priorities, Attitude and Goals.
  • Priority balancing = Balancing Work, Family with Self.
  • Simplifying things and getting a healthy perspective on things.
  • The art of simplifying is gradually learned by developing the habit of asking questions like, Will it matter in ten years?, What do I need more of in life?, What do I need less of?, How can I make this simpler?

Do's & Don'ts for Total Wellness

| Environment: Air, Water, Land | Chemicals: Air, Water, Food | Topical: Skin/Hair Products, Cosmetics, Perfumes/Deodorants, Clothing |

Protect yourself from what you're surrounded by in your personal environment!

  • Orally: Nutrition, Air, Water
  • Topically: Skin, Hair, Nails
  • Physically: Body, Work
  • Mentally/Emotionally: Socially Responsible, Self-Aware, Higher Consciousness
  • Self Help: Do your best to bringing harmony to your everyday life

Call BLI for an appointment! Let us help you purify your personal environment for a Balanced Life!