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Integrative Approach to Treating the Whole Person

At Balanced Life Institute, we believe in partnering with our patients to treat their entire being. Medical care does not simply refer to treatment, diagnosis, or preventative care. For our medical team, medical care means treating our patients with world-class procedures that thoroughly assess every aspect of their being. All of our medical services are tailored and specifically designed to treat the mind, body, and spirit simultaneously.

With Balanced Life Institute, you are never treated as just another patient number or case. You are treated comprehensively by a panel of qualified, certified, and skilled specialists. We know that our patients have unique needs and we customize our treatments and modalities to suit the ever growing and changing needs of our patient base.

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Clinical Medical Services

Balanced Life Institute believes in treating the whole person. We accomplish this by providing patients with a well-rounded menu of clinical medical services. From acupuncture to herbal medicine remedies, we strive to treat our patients in the most natural and non-invasive manner possible.

We draw on a range of medical approaches, including:

Clinical Treatment Programs

Our emphasis goes beyond basic medical practices. At Balanced Life Institute, we believe in giving the keys to total health and wellness to our patients. To accomplish this, we provide a wide range of therapies, programs, and treatments that can help restore the mind, body, and spirit balance in the lives of our patients.

A small sampling of our clinical treatment programs:

Medical Spa in Santa Monica

We look at the safest, most effective, and holistic procedures to treat a variety of imbalances or inefficiencies within the body. From anti-aging treatments to illness prevention, our certified specialists are ready to utilize the most effective medicines to restore our patients to optimal health.

Our medical spa services include:

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