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Mental Health Care: Psychiatric/Psychotropic Drugs

These resources have been provided by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights to help you better understand the side effects of common Psyciatric/Psychotropic drugs and what their alternatives are.

What is the Alternative to Psychotropic Drugs?

The Side Effects of Common Psychiatric Drugs

On going research studies:

Anti-Aging Research


Aging is a natural process, aging gracefully, fully functional, youthful and preventing the chronic diseases of aging is our goal in our research. As said, "we have no control over when we come and go to and from this world but we can control the quality of the time we spend in this journey not only the duration but also the quality of our lives how healthy, energetic, fit, happy and young we look and feel." Our effort is to have an Evidenced-Based clinical research on the previous and current studies on anti-aging and collaborate the results with our current findings to raise the quality of life and control the chronic aging related diseases.

Evidence-based Asian Medicine in Cancer Research


The objectives of our study of Traditional Asian Medicine-related cancer research are to: build and develop an evidence-based traditional Asian medicine-related cancer research with a clear clinical focus to evaluate current TCM-related research within our study with a productive collaborations for new and existing research on TCM and other branches of natural Medicine including Chinese medicines and other herbal or complementary medicines, from a holistic perspective, through to clinical application (targeting complex mixtures, such as herbal preparations, and isolated active ingredients) in a collaborative manner.

Previous Studies:

ALS and Muscular Dystrophy and TCM


A comparison study on the effects of the Acupuncture and Chinese herbs to control the symptoms of the ALS and Muscular dystrophy and increase the functionality.