Meet Dr. Susan Padrad, LAc., DAOM

A World Expert in Integrative Medicine

Dr. Susan Padrad Integrative medicine is the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional biomedicine. Integrative medicine emphasizes treating the whole person, with a focus on wellness and health, rather than treating disease, with an emphasis on the patient-physician relationship.

Dr. Padrad, LAc., DAOM is the founder and president of the Balanced Life Institute, an international integrative healthcare enterprise that focuses on total health and the Body-Mind-Environment connection. Dr. Padrad's mission is to coach individuals as they co-create a "Balanced Life" through custom-designed treatment programs that can assist them in leading full and happy lives. BLI's new location in Santa Monica, California, is welcoming new patients to partake in a life-changing experience.

Dr. Padrad, LAc., DAOM completed her undergraduate studies in Canada, where she received a bachelor's degree in human biology, with a minor in history from University of Toronto. She continued her post-graduate education in the United States and is a Master of Science of Oriental Medicine, Samra University, and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Emperor's College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has training in a master's program in nutrition, a doctorate in naturopathic medicine, and a fellowship in homeopathic medicine from University of Bridgeport, with further educational training on Treatment of Depression in the primary care setting from Harvard Medical School.

She was also privileged to have the opportunity to train on a variety of integrative medical practices alongside world-renowned health care pioneers, including Dr. Bernard Jensen, the father of Iridology in America, Dr. Andre Saine, internationally known homeopath and naturopath, and Dr. Terry Olesen, an internationally known lecturer and author in the field of auricular acupuncture, as well as many other notable and innovative practitioners.

Dr. Padrad's background in science coupled with her pure passion for nature led her to become a strong believer of the integration of science & nature to obtain optimal health.

In addition to her work as the host of her own television show, she is also internationally known as a life coach, lecturer, author, teacher and researcher in prevention health care as she promotes her "Balanced Life System" (BLS) ™ for a healthier, longer and happier life.

She is also the founder of the International Association of Iranian Integrative Medical Physicians (IAIIMP) with the mission of promoting a functional medicine as a future medicine of 21st century.

Seven percent of the Balanced Life Institute's income goes the non-profit organizations founded by Dr. Susan Padrad, as follows:

World United Women (WUW) a non-profit organization that focuses on the promotion of health and education for women and children around the world in areas of educational seminars, scholarships and more.

International Association of Iranian Integrative Medical Physicians (IAIIMP) (IAIIMP) to sponsor Health and Medical research.