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For the past 25 years I have been suffering with a hand tremor. I have sought numerous kinds of treatments and have changed between three neurologists. I have tried Chinese homeopathic remedies and treatments, yet nothing helped with reducing the tremor. I finally turned to a gentleman Acupuncturist, where I received therapy for a consistent 10 months. However, it failed to conclude with the any positive results. At which point I discontinued my treatments with him. After having tried nearly every known method, I was hopeless and almost gave up on my journey to find a solution for my tremor. Until, on July l0, 20l4, I met Dr. Susan Padrad. As hopeless as I was, I agreed to seek her acupuncture treatments as a final try. Little did I now that I had found the answer to my prayers. My life changed forever. I have been receiving her treatments and can say with confidence that my tremor has gone from a 10 (very high) to a 3 (very low). I cannot express enough the gratitude and appreciation I have for Dr. Padrad. Thanks to her I have the ability to live an anxious-free life! My thoughts are no longer revolving around my tremor. Dr. Padrad is a true angel with unspeakable talent and professionalism. I will forever be grateful to her for the extreme change she was able to make for me after my long journey on the road to finding a cure for my tremor.

- Sincerely, Manoucher Shamoeil

“WOW! I was always on the fence about non-western medicine. I had knee pain/problems for many years. nothing helped. I tried exercise, supplements, ointments. nothing worked. I just figured I was to spend my life on Aleve everyday. I went for my knees, and other ailments. well, for the first time in over 10 years, I'm not living with pain! Dr. Susan is my hero and angel! I am a very conservative so for me to endorse this is really something.”

- Jack

The Everyday pressure of survival, being a successful Female entrepreneur, and striving to be what many call "an over achiever" in this day in age can really be a life threatening disease. (STRESS)

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a dream of acting, and modeling, after 5 grueling years of competing at the collegiate level in track/field and x-country. And then working a demanding job in TV. I was always needing to strive for perfection, keep up with the crazy hours, and hectic schedules. I never knew how to say "no" to a job, and no task was ever to much. It was a constant battle with myself to be thin, look perfect, and be the best. After eight years I hit rock bottom, and my body shut down. I began noticing the damage I had caused to my body, and quickly started searching for help. Reality sunk in from Doctors telling me I needed to be on this, and that, and this drug, and that my chances of having kids was about 3%. After trying different medications, I felt worse, my symptoms worsened, and I felt completely out of control in life. I couldn't live like this, nor could I be on some drugs, or hormones that were only making me more sick.

I researched days for solutions, an answer, someone or something that was an alternative to what the typical Doctor was giving me. And, call it divine intervention, a miracle, a God send. (I do believe people are put in your life for a reason) and that is how I found Dr. Susan Padrad.

Besides here devouted, commited time with you in her office, she is on-call 24 hours a day. When she isn't in the office she has dedicated her time to teaching students the power of medicine, and healing the world through the holistic approach of chinese herbal medicine. I started as a patient, and can genuinly say I have a true friend, and family for life.

Within one treatment, literally in less than 24 hours I had a mestrual cycle. Which in my case, I hadn't had a normal one since I was 19, and by the time I was 26 they stopped all together. My case until that day seemed hopeless, and the thought of kids was out of sight. Through weekly visits with Dr. Susan Padrad, and specific formulated herbs by her, I was on back on a path of balance, regularity, sleeping, eating better, coping with stress, and re-connecting with living a life I imagined for myself.

My test results were astonishing within 6 months of treatments. My Hormone levels were regulated, my cycle was consistent, and my PCOS, was a problem of the past.

I truly believe that natural medicine was the safest and healthiest way to achieve my health, wellness, and reinstate balance, to my life. I will be proud to say when my pregnancy days come, it was from the Art of Acupuncture, and Dr. Susan's passion, commitment, and dedication to the practice, and I am truly blessed to have her as my Doctor.

Thank you Balanced Life Institute and Susan for being a life force!


I meet Dr. Padrad in the Fall of 2011 and she literally saved my life. I began receiving 1-hour weekly acupuncture treatments for about 4 straight months. I worked at a major movie studio and due to a retaliatory action taken by my boss, my stress level went through the roof and, trust me, when I tell you, there's nothing like a daily does of a "hostile work environment" to brighten your day.

Needless to say, after a settlement agreement, the affects of this highly stressful situation are not without consequence, but without Dr. Padrad's weekly treatments, the after-affects would have been a lot worse, and probably permanent.

I am truly grateful to be Dr. Padrad's patient, for her knowledge, patience and understanding — and with the added connection to eastern medicine, meditation and her attentive method of acupuncture — she has truly realigned my energy path, my internal circuitry and my chakras into what, at first, was a defensive posture to fend off the stressful energy that I was experiencing, to a healing posture, following a recent appendectomy, of which she is helping me heal from as well.

Acupuncture is a means to an end: You call on the energy you are lacking to rebalance and to heal yourself. But the proverbial "Driver" — the acupuncturist — will determine the quality of your experience, will determine the results you are expecting, and the relief you are seeking.

- Anonymous

"I saw Dr. Susan when I could hardly walk and had badly swollen knees. I was obese and wasn't able to bend my knees which were painful and disabling me to perform daily functions. After the first treatment I was able to walk unassisted and without my walker. After twenty years I was able to bend my knees after only six treatments. My knees were pain free, no longer swollen and having no more discomfort. She helped me to lose weight and guided me to a much healthier lifestyle. Thanks Dr. Susan you have given me my life back and I'm forever grateful ."

- Sylvia

"I have Identical 6 yo twin daughters, one suffers with severe headaches and for over six months I was unable find any reason, cause or cure for it. I was referred and had a consultation with Dr. Padrad who did some tests along with Iris Analysis exam, all performed in her clinic. She suggested that to confirm her findings, she would need to do a stool sample test, as she was suspecting the presence of a parasite in her colon. The test came out positive and we could clear the cause and the symptom of my daughter's headaches after suffering so long. Our family has continued under Dr. Padrad's care as our primary health practitioner and we are blessed to have such a knowledgeable and caring doctor."

- Maria

I was a busy dental office manager for years. I never took the time for regular checkups with my doctor, feeling that I was healthy and in no need to. I had heard about dr Padrad who a friend recommended that I schedule a visit , predominantly to look into her anti-aging procedures. I made an appointment and went with my husband. After her complete check up and over all exam she suggested I see my doctor as soon as possible. When I appeared not to be taking her direction as seriously as she was she asked my husband not to wait but to take me to the Emergency Room right away. Initially I didn't understand what was so urgent as I wasn't experiencing any issues which would require going directly to the emergency! She emphasized and insisted that he take me immediately. We finally went to the hospital and asked to have an MRI of my head as dr padrad had instructed. The startling result showed I had a brain tumor and needed immediate surgery; I could have lost my life if the tumor was not removed at the time. I owe my life to dr padrad, her committed care to her patients and their families is exceptional. God bless her as we are blessed to be a patient under her guidance."

- Sarah

"My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and we had no way of affording the prescribed treatment drugs, and at the same time could not afford the costly alternative treatment methods not covered by our insurance. I came across an article about her in one the community papers and contacted her about my situation. She was willing to get my son under her care with the least cost just to help overcome and ease the pain of his situation, which was affecting the entire family. Through her treatment protocol and counseling sessions, resulting in the dramatic reduction of his frequent symptoms of the mental issue he was dealing with we have seeing a tremendous improvement. In addition to being a very knowledgeable and caring doctor she is a guardian angel to her patients and we are so lucky to have her in our lives."

- Anoosh

I had plastic surgery on my face three years ago. Since then the excruciating pain on the left side of my face due to the nerve damage was unbearable that I tried to committed suicide twice. Until I was introduced to Dr. Susan. After the first treatment I was able to sleep a few hours for the first time after three years. The pain after each treatment gradually was gone. Today I live pain free. Thank God and Dr Susan for giving my life back. My husband also was working as a flight attendant and due to his job he was suffering from knee pain as well as chronic insomnia he couldn't sleep without sleeping pills! He got treated as well by Dr. Susan and no longer has knee pain and sleep got regulated with no problem. It's wonderful to have no pain in your life and sleep freely without dependency for any chemical drugs . We thank our Guardian Angel Susan."

- Jack and Zak.

I'm in early fifties and very conscious about how I look. I did not want to look any older or having wrinkles. I didn't want any surgery for face lifting .I decided to try Dr. Susan facial Rejuvenation technique which is non invasive, and completely natural and effective. After each treatment I started to get more complements form people about how young and bright my face looks. That was exciting. Once they were asking my ID in order to confirm my age that couldn't believe my real age. I do maintain my youth with Dr. Susan once a month. I have had infertility issues that my test result now all came back negative and do not see the existence of the infertility issue. I'm very grateful of Dr. Padrad for all the support."

- Dominic

"...I was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease around a year ago and the tremor was getting worse every day that I could not function. A Miracle happened after my very first treatment with Dr. Padrad almost 80% of of tremors was gone by her magic touch! She also applied an electric acupuncture over my scalp and body points and after almost 30 minutes I didn't feel much shaking and tremor!! I felt I was dreaming. I was afraid it was going to be permanent! I'm cured miraculously. God bless her."

- David

"... When I was asleep one night I got stroke. I lost my ability to walk, to hold my saliva, clasp. Then I got physical therapy but not much change. The Doctors informed me I have to live with this. I then started the acupuncture treatment from Dr. Susan and after three months three times a week treatment I'm able to walk with a little support and my I can move my hands and able to function normally again. I learn the whole life style change while Dr Susan was working on my body by her kind and detailed conversation and coaching. Now with a new perspective towards life and new life style I will never face the same situation that I took the gift of life for granted. She is my life coach and I'm very blessed."

"...Breast cancer patient for three years going through mastectomy and chemotherapy and radiation you name it. This last time I had a different experience with the help of Dr. Susan I haven't had the harsh experience of handling all the invasive procedures. I was calmer, more energetic, more positive about life and with her wonderful nutritional suggestions and counseling and life style change I'm cancer free for the last four years and look forward to a longer and happier life ahead."

- Nadia

"Being a psychological eater, non active life style left me with weight issue most of my life. I learned about the new technology combination with ancient treatment that sounded a revolutionary system I became excited to give it a try. I was amazed in the first treatment I had lost two sizes. I had before and after pictures and measurements on each treatment that each time I got surprised of the achievement.. Dr. Susan's couching skills I'm 30 pounds less, and I got rid of my fats and toxicity at the same time with the detox program she put me on. Now I have a healthy life style with a planned program to keep my weight down and maintain it the way I love. I have a full control over my life and look and feels great. Thanks for all the support."

- Almamore testimonial