Our Vision

BLI has a holistic micro-to-macro vision towards the universe and Mother Earth being one of it's smallest parts. If we look at the near-exact similarity between the atomic structure of the body and the brain and the structure of the solar system and the larger universe, we can see that "we are all one and one is all". They are mirrors of one another. Therefore, we can conclude that are all connected to each other, we are mirrors not only of each other, but of the Earth and of the entire ever-expanding universe itself, so harmony and balance, or the lack of harmony and balance, in any of these structures, effects the other in the same way. If we destroy and disrespect Mother Earth, we effectively destroy ourselves.

Our environment — Mother Earth — is the Home we live in, with its surroundings and all of its living creatures, water and plant life. We are all equally responsible to make an effort to save and protect our Home with love, care and respect so we can create a Balanced Life for ourselves and all living things whom we share this planet. Unfortunately, at this time, we are all responsible for acting in a negligent and ignorant manner, which has created a tipping point for Mother Earth. This beautiful Home of ours is heading toward destruction due to our poor behavior! At Balanced Life Institute, it is our mission to do our part to create balance and harmony for our Mother Earth, but also to create a Balanced Life for our patients through our many services in this grand Circle of Life. We hope you will join us!

Follow our newsletter and tele-medicine for movement details and updates on how you can help change the current pattern of destruction of our planet and for updates on the services BLI offers that will lead you to a happy, healthy and Balanced Life!