Holistic Teeth Whitening

Santa Monica Eastern-Western Integrative Medicine

A beautiful pearly smile will be a complement to our total health and beauty programs under the same roof. The teeth whitening is done by our licensed dental hygienist on call with the lowest discounted rate and the complimentary following touch up as you will get in you plan.

At Balanced Life Institute, we offer a variety of preventive and integrative medical treatment services to our patients that help them achieve optimal health. Our team of dedicated and experienced health professionals stands ready to ensure that you receive the best available care for your needs. In addition to outstanding services that we provide in anti-aging, acupuncture and facial rejuvenation, we offer holistic teeth whitening. A beautiful, pearly smile is the perfect complement to your total health and wellness. Consult a Santa Monica integrative medicine practitioner from Balanced Life Institute today about what your goals are.

Our teeth-whitening procedures are done in the same facility as the rest of our health services. Holistic teeth whitening uses natural ingredients to polish teeth and remove stains caused by such elements as wine, coffee, and aging. Clean and bright teeth can help you appear younger and feel great! Balanced Life Institute has a licensed dental hygienist on call for our patients. Healthy, brilliantly white teeth can be yours at a low rate. We also offer complimentary follow-ups and touch-ups for your holistic teeth whitening if you become a member.

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Balanced Life Institute accepts most types of insurance policies, and we are always willing to work with patients on payment plans or financing. We want you to be confident in your health and feel great about your smile, and through holistic teeth whitening, you can! There is no need to worry about chemicals or dangerous substances; our practice uses only the most natural and safe ingredients for your procedure. If you are interested in working with a Santa Monica holistic teeth whitening professional, contact Balanced Life Institute todayand schedule an appointment as soon as possible.