Integrative Nutritional Consultations

Eastern-Western Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica

At Balanced Life Institute, we are proud to be a health center where science and nature meet to help our patients obtain optimal health. We are a full-service wellness clinic that addresses impurities in our patients' lives and help establish wellness through a variety of techniques. Our team integrates Eastern-Western medicinal approaches and customizes wellness and health plans for each individual lifestyle. Balanced Life Institute's ultimate goal is help you feel and look your best. One of the services we provide is an integrative nutritional consultation that can help you understand what food and beverages are best for your particular body type. To obtain a consultation, consult a Santa Monica integrative medicinal practitioner from Balanced Life Institute today!

When you work with Balanced Life Institute, we will create a therapeutic nutritional recommendation for your diet that will be custom-made for your own body type and your body's specific needs. Based on your lifestyle and existing dietary habits, we can address the weakness in your nutritional intake and establish a plan of action to help promote overall wellness and healing. Through our integrative nutritional counseling, you can restore and rejuvenate your body and prevent future complications. Proper nutrition can also strengthen your overall health and promote a sound body-mind attunement.

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It is never too late to work with a preventive specialist. At Balanced Life Institute, we are prepared to help you reach your health goals and feel and look your best. If you have questions or concerns about your lifestyle, diet or what can be done to make you a healthier person, do not hesitate to contact our team. Balanced Life Institute accepts most insurance policies and works with patients to establish payment plans. Your health is important to you — entrust it to our dedicated staff. Contact our Santa Monica integrative health center today to receive your nutritional consultation. We proudly serve the Santa Monica area as well as surrounding Los Angeles communities.