Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction

Eastern-Western Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica

Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from infertility or sexual dysfunction? If so, working with Balanced Life Institute may be the right option for you! At our practice, we offer acupuncture, homeopathic and organic remedies to help address the cause of infertility and treat the underlying complications. Sexual habits and reproduction are an essential part of a balanced, happy life and Dr. Susan Padrad wants to ensure that each patient is able to obtain optimal health. If you are seeking an integrative medicine practice to address your sexual complications or infertility, contact a Santa Monica Eastern-Western integrative medicine practitioner from Balanced Life Institute right away.

The cause of sexual or reproductive problems varies depending on gender, age group and lifestyle. Some people have an improper imbalance in their body's system that can often be addressed and reversed with the use of natural remedies. A majority of these problems stem from not an endocrine or reproductive system issue, but a simple imbalance of the body and mind or lifestyle choices. At Balanced Life Institute, we evaluate the root cause of the individual's complications in the initial consultation and create a holistic approach for their complication.

Natural remedies that work!

Your body functions as a whole and when any part of the system is off or improperly functioning, you may see outward complications, health issues and feel depressed or anxious. A common side effect of an imbalance in the body system is infertility and sexual complications. Balanced Life Institute works to fix these issues through integrative and Oriental medicinal techniques. Using a variety of acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicines and natural remedies, we address the issues and create a healthcare plan. Through these options, we have been able to assist numerous individuals reach successful results. If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction or you are having difficulty trying to conceive, we encourage you to contact Balanced Life Institute right away. Schedule an appointment with the trusted, experienced and professional Dr. Susan Padrad and regain the overall health that you deserve.