Sports Medicine and Pain Management

Santa Monica Preventive Medicine

Life is movement, and movement is life. This ongoing circle of energy in and energy out can be complicated by pain or injury. If you are experiencing an injury that is preventing you from living your life the way you want to, or simply interfering with your ability to perform daily functions, working with a Santa Monica integrative Eastern-Western medical practitioner from Balanced Life Institute can help. We offer pain management and sports medicine services to patients throughout Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area.

When you work with our health center, we will look at the underlying cause of your pain or limited motion and create an effective plan to address the source of the limited movement. Unlike doctors who use pain killers to simply mask the problem, we will implement a solution that can help with both short and long-term pain. Our team will use a variety of non-invasive, holistic and natural methods to provide you with the best possible result. With the use of acupuncture and body work treatment programs, we will target the root of the pain, injury, accident, trauma or internal or psychosomatic complication.

Regain your movement naturally using Eastern-Western integrative medicine!

Dr. Susan Padrad, LAc., DAOM can implement various integrated Eastern-Western techniques to address your pain. Depending on your specific complications, acupuncture, physical therapy, orthopedic medicine and other various Oriental medicinal practices may be implemented. We have had extensively successful results in pain management and we may be able to help you as well. Do not settle for surgeries or chemicals that only disguise the source of the problem. Change your life and regain your movement the natural and safe way. We accept most insurance policies and can work with patients to create a financial plan that works for them. Contact Balanced Life Institute today to schedule your next appointment!