Reflexology Treatment in West Los Angeles

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In order to obtain optimum health, the entire body system needs to be functioning properly. Reflexology is based on the idea that the body is connected and that through applied pressure on specific spots of the body that correspond with organs, joints and systems, relief from pain and inflammation can be found. Commonly, reflexology is used to aid in the treatment of a variety of issues, such as cancer, chronic headaches and migraines, PMS, asthma, and kidney or diabetic problems. If you are interested in learning more about reflexology and how it can help you, we encourage you to talk to a Santa Monica integrative Eastern-Western medical practitioner from Balanced Life Institute today!

Reflexology is most often associated with the feet but it can be performed on the hands or ears as well. In foot reflexology, the foot acts as a map that corresponds to various internal organs. The left side of the food relates to organs found on the left side of the body, while the right side of the foot relates to the organs on the right side of the body. A general well-being session can be performed on a patient to help ensure all bodily systems are properly functioning. For patients with more complex complications, a reflexologist may focus on one specific area. In some cases, patients with chronic illnesses may receive reflexology treatment in both the feet and ears in order to eliminate pain and stress.

Balancing Your Body and Mind

At Balanced Life Institute, we want to help our patients reach their highest level of health. Through integrative Eastern-Western medical applications and Oriental medicine, we help prevent, diagnose and treat a variety of health concerns. If you feel that you could benefit from reflexology, acupuncture or any of the other natural, holistic healing methods, we encourage you to contact a Santa Monica reflexology specialist from Balanced Life Institute right away. We proudly serve the greater Los Angeles and Santa Monica area and accept most insurance policies. To learn more, call to schedule an appointment!