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Acupuncture & Other Minimally Invasive Therapies

Our main goal at Balanced Life Institute is to take our patients to the next level by accomplishing their medical, anti-aging, and weight loss goals faster and more efficient than traditional clinical treatments. Unlike many other facilities, we offer a combination of Eastern and Western integrative medicine approaches. Acting as a supplement to our holistic approach to modern medicine, we also offer acupuncture and nutritional guidance.

At Balanced Life Institute, we offer a variety of preventive and integrative medical treatment services to our patients that help them achieve optimal health. Our team of dedicated and experienced health professionals makes certain you receive the best available care for your long-term health needs.

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Comprehensive Anti-Aging Services

At Balanced Life Institute, our total anti-aging services treat patients from the inside-out. We want to give you the tools and resources that you need to age gracefully. By equipping you with all information on the aging process, you can continue through the aging process with dignity, all while maintaining fully functional physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health.

Some of our signature anti-aging services include:

We treat every aspect of the aging process. From helping you develop new lifestyle choices that benefit your long-term health and wellbeing, all the way to developing a customized fitness plan, we are here to help you feel and look your best for years and years to come.

Lose unwanted weight and keep the inches off!

At Balanced Life Institute, we are proud to provide our patients with medical care they simply cannot receive any place else. We utilize a cutting-edge technology called UltraFit and Body Contouring, a high-powered LED that tightens the skin, drops 2 inches in the first visit — and does not cause death or expel fat from the body or result in fat distribution to unwanted areas.

Some of our other weight loss and weight management services include:

Staying true to our holistic approach to medical care, we also offer our weight-loss patients with various treatments ranging from acupuncture, chiropractic services, therapeutic massage, herbal and Homeopathic care, and nutritional guidance. All of our services are tailored as part of your individual program that is designed based on your mind-body needs.

Achieve Harmony & Health with Balanced Life Institute

Balanced Life Institute accepts most types of insurance policies, and we are always willing to work with patients on payment plans or financing. We want you to be confident in your health, feel great about your smile, feel comfortable in your skin, and enjoy the blessings that life can bring! Today is the day to embrace your journey through life; do so with a balanced and harmonious approach.

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If you are tired of watching your body age and feeling the negative effects that weight gain has on your overall quality of life, then you may want to consider coming to our Santa Monica acupuncturists. At Balanced Life Institute, we will work with you to determine what your health goals are and establish a personalized plan to help you achieve them.

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